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Hornby Train Model



Salam Hasfa. Welcome to my other blog. Blog Iklan. Atas request Hasfa on that day regarding model keretapi.. so today Minah Kiwi ada keluar ke pekan.. sebab nak ke library buat kerja sikit. Pas balik dari library Minah Kiwi come across satu kedai hobby nie.

Kat kedai tue Minah Kiwi jumpa banyak model keretapi which is more like collectible and not toys. Model yang famous Hornby but I am not really sure is this model that you showed me on the other day in the youtube.

I was asking the shop owner whether the model is made of metal or plastics.. and he said most of them are from metal. So.. ini kot model yang Hasfa has been looking for.

Ada 2 categories dia jual

1) Items sold seperately
2) Models sold in a package (that comes with rails, locomative and 3 coaches)

1) Items sold seperately

As you can see Hasfa.. most locomative harga dia agak mahal...which range from € 40.00 - $90.00 pound. That is only locomotive which does not include rails and gerabak2 dia. So you have to figure out how much you need for rails and gerabak2 dia.

That shop also jual rumah2 kecik, bangsal, shed, kuda2, pokok2, pintu pagar, ambulans, taxi, stesen minyak and etc which make your train model look like real.

Ranges of accessories that come with the train model

2) Model sold in a package

Yang ini agak murah compared if you bought those separately. Harga satu package dalam € 70.00 pound which consists of

a) Locomotive
b) 3 Coaches
c) Rail

So tak de la banyak sangat if you bought a package .. but this is more like a basic starting for you to collect train model.

Minah Kiwi ada beberapa gambar koleksi locomotive yang di ambil dari website hornby. Minah Kiwi tak leh ambil gambar train model sebab owner dia bagi kebenaran..and asked me to get the picture from hornby website.


Kesemua locomotive yang ada di kedai yang Minah Kiwi singgah jenis yang tak keluar asap. Shop owner tue cakap..kalau yang ada asap harga locomotive agak mahal dalam €200.00 pound and that is why shop owner tue tak order locomotive yang ada kuar asap. It is too expensive.

Harga : € 75.90 pound

Harga dalam website lebih mahal compared harga dari kedai. Kat kedai harga dia lebih murah dalam €30.00 - €60.00 pound

Harga : €130.00 pound

Harga : € 99.00 pound

Harga : €78.00 pound

Power and Accessories

Kesemua model train hornby menggunakan Train Standard Controller.. so tak perlu menggunakan bateri.


Harga : €20.00 pound - €30.00

Ada banyak lagi jenis controller yang Minah Kiwi sempat tengok..cuma tak sempat nak letak kat sini..